Business Transformation Specialist via ICT and Business Process Engineering providing services to SME’s, Large scale and Global Business Entities.

Mission Statement:

Blue Sky Technology Services UK Ltd aims to provide the very best and most effective service to all our customers. Our mission is to make sure that whatever your needs maybe, we are here to listen, help and Act. If we can’t, we will do our utmost best to assist, facilitate and find you someone who can, through our wealth of global partners and extensive business network locally, Nationwide and Worldwide.

Company Profile:

Information Technology is the fundamental back-bone of corporate information management. In today’s digital age there is a lot and increasing pressure for corporate entities to take advantage and exploit the wide variety of information tools and resources available to them. This is absolutely essential in leveraging and gaining competitive advantage, thus ensuring long term survival of any organization in today’s digital global economy.

This is where I come in because in order for this corporate information technology ethos to be facilitated effectively, there is a high demand for top quality IT professionals (Specialist) like myself with the right skills, expertise and experience to effectively envisage and implement this ethos in a cost effective plus timely manner.

Blue Sky Technology services UK limited as a company was primarily set up in April 2014 to fulfill this function/purpose, thus bridging the gap between a variety of business needs and scalable IT deliverables.

Personnel Profile:

Founder – Mr Olly Anubi (MBA)

A seasoned professional with a multidisciplinary educational background in Business and IT, coupled with an MBA and just over a decade’s worth of hands-on functional and practical Business Intelligence & Analytics ICT experience in a wide variety of industry sectors ranging from: the Financial Industry, Consulting Services (Business and Technology), Supply Chain, Energy, Logistics & Transportation, Marketing and advertising, Human Resources to Government based projects (Defense & security).

I pride myself in being quite thorough, with excellent problem solving and analytical skills and am not afraid to use my initiative. A well rounded individual with good communication skills, comfortable in presentations either in a business or technical realm to a varied audience of Stakeholders. A Great team player who is also able to work comfortably independently and in groups. I am a DQ/MDM/MDG Specialist with experience and knowhow in implementing this via detailed driven design and business process Re-engineering. I also possess a Proven track record in scoping and driving IM Strategy and IT Solutions Architecture

I have also being involved with 7 full Data project life cycles technically and many others from a BIDS perspective. I also benefited from a Graduate training PROGRAMME with one of the Big IT service Houses in the UK, excelling and coming out with an overall rating of 4 out of 5 for performance.


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